Saturday, January 3, 2009


It's important to remember some of the simplest items are so much fun. It was late morning and the boys were already starting to show the tell tale signs of boredom, i.e. whining, throwing toys around, fighting. I remembered we had a bag of left over balloons in the back pantry, so out of desperation for entertainment, I blew up 4 balloons. I tossed these balloon out towards the boys and the smiles and giggles began. They batted them around, giggling and playing for a good 45 minutes, then it was time for lunch. Later in the afternoon they returned to playing with the balloons. Of course, there were a few squables over who gets what color but over all they were a big hit. With a house full of new toys from Santa still the simple balloons were the most fun ever...and I was amazed.

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