Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We've got a new word in the house:
pronunciation: da-de-kay-ted
function: transitive verb
etymology: a Max-ism, circa 2009 daddy + dedicated
definition: to commit to a role as daddy, as a way of life, a daddy who does it all, bathtime, bedtime, cleanup time, fills out forms (ie school applications and loan applications) and drags out the garbage.
sentence - The boys and their mommy love Max (daddy) because he has daddycated himself to our household.

max's sentence _ "I am daddycated"

I have to say the boys adore their daddy. It warms my heart to see this but I do have to admit sometimes it leaves me feeling a bit green. Especially during those moments when one of the boys is in need of a cuddle and I come running over and they say "I want daddy" One day, I just might find myself in therapy working out this rejection, for now I remind myself, they love their mommy too.

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