Monday, February 6, 2012

Walking School Bus

Aidan's school launched a monthly walk and roll day that will be held every first Friday of the month. Although we don't live walking distance to school we decided to have Aidan participate, with the incentive that the first 100 students to walk in got a free pedometer. I located the most convenient drop off spot for Aidan to pick up the walking school bus. This turned out to be about a mile away from the school. I thought it seemed a bit far for him as a first time walk, but what the heck, everyone else is doing it, he'll be fine. Well he made it. He got his free pedometer, ha! it's those little things that make it all worth it , right?! The kids all filled out a form that was hung at the entrance. The form stated their name and how they felt about their walk. As i was looking them over, they all said they felt happy, or good. Then, I came across Aidan's, which said "I felt exhausted!" and yes, he added the exclamation point. I had to laugh, wish I'd taken a photo of it...clearly the boy needs exercise. Thank goodness little league season is about to begin.

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