Sunday, February 12, 2012

Anatomy Of An Orca

Aidan's latest school project was marine mammals. All the 2nd graders were assigned a marine mammal, to sculpt, draw, write, paint etc. etc. whatever medium chosen. The projects would be presented in a Marine Mammal exhibition for the families viewing. Aidan was assigned Orcas. After some discussion we agreed to do a cut paper project and agreed that we also wanted to make the project informative so this is what we ended up with, 3 cut paper pictures describing 3 distinctive attributes of an Orca (killer whale). I cut the pictures out with some help from Aidan and we assembled it together using a shadow box to complete it. Clearly this 2nd graders project had much parental assistance. Aidan was really proud of it, as was I. During the exhibit there were lots of friendly commentary from parents about Aidan's project mixed with some sarcasm about how talented my 2nd grader is. Although it was amusing and all done in good humor, I have to say the big lesson to mom was let your kids do their own projects and assist only when necessary.

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