Sunday, August 22, 2010

Family Counts, 6 Counts

We had a nice weekend, especially Aidan who considered it his birthday weekend celebration. The weekend started with a nice family gathering with Auntie Lisa and her girls visiting from New Jersey. Uncle Raymond and Auntie Evelyn hosted this gathering, all the cousins, aunties, uncles and grandparents, enjoyed a huge jumpy house and delicious BBQ lunch. The funny part was that Aidan believed this gathering was to celebrate his last day of being 5. Evelyn was so sweet to confirm this belief with Aidan by handing out party favors and congratulating him on his last day of 5. Aidan was so pleased.

Evelyn and I got to commiserate about the challenges of raising twins plus an older one. We are both fortunate enough to be stay at home moms, so we had so much to talk about and had fun comparing notes. I truly enjoyed this time with her and how genuine and kind she is, I only wish we lived closer.

As for Sunday, the big day, Aidan's day, we had fun celebrating 6. We of course did this at Pump It Up. Aidan had been requesting a party there for months. I tried to sway him into other ideas but he held steady on this request. We indulged him and he sure enjoyed it with his brothers and 11 of his closest buddies. It was so much fun to see him so happy.

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