Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aidan Rides

Sorry no pics...

Aidan learned to ride his bike today, thanks to our dear friend Rachel. She took off his training wheels and got him going after 3 tries. Unfortunately, I missed the moment as I was at an appointment with Aidan's brothers but, I did get to see him riding later that afternoon. He took a few spills that made me anxious, anxious, anxious. Though, I remained enthusiastic, trying to be supportive mom, reinforcing how great he was doing while in my mind I was thanking heaven no major road rash, no broken bones. He was so excited about it and I was so excited for him.

Conversation went like this:

Aidan: "Mom I can ride my bike, no training wheels. Are you proud of me?"

Me: "Yes Aidan I am so proud of you. That's great. You must be so proud too."

Aidan: (Beaming with pride) "Yeah, I'm proud...does that mean I get a reward when we get home because I can ride my bike now with no training wheels."

Me: (Rolling my eyes now because Aidan takes any chance to ask for a treat) "We'll see Aidan, learning how to ride your bike is pretty cool."

Aidan: "Yeah, I think I should get a reward."

So we all had popsicles after dinner to congratulate Aidan's newest accomplishment. Still in my mind I'm dreading the many more spills. I know it's inevitable and I'm just going to have to let it go. I won't always be able to protect him but I have to take comfort in knowing that I can make sure I'm there to come to his aid when he's hurt. Another lesson in watching your children grow up.

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