Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Overdue Birthday Party or Miles & Liam Turned 3

As many of you know we had to cancel Miles and Liam's birthday party a couple of weeks ago due to the stomach flu. So, we finally made it up to them this Saturday. We celebrated their birthday in a very low key (and may I add low budget) fashion and yet, I think the kids had a good time. We served pizza, the frozen variety. Shoshana our next door neighbor was kind enough to preheat her oven us, so that I could bake 4 pizzas at a time. This worked out perfect, It was Digiorno all the way ;) Setting a side the small detail that Liam was crying and being clingy for about half the time, I think they had fun with their friends. They all sat around the table and had pizza in a very civil manner, another reminder to how they're all growing up. Before lunch, hanging out in Aidan's room around the train table was the place to be for the twins and their friends.

The older boys enjoyed themselves outside riding on the sidewalk.

Cake time came and it was a true surprise. Especially Miles who was so thrilled to see that darn blue train on his cake, it sent him into a stuttering frenzy "mama it's th-th-th-thomas". While, Liam decided to shove Mcqueen down into his cake, I'm glad I caught that before it got messy.

The true highlight of the day was the spontaneous trip across the street at Robin's to see our neighbors the chickens. The kids got to feed them, find an egg in their nest, and hang out in Robin's wonderful yard. (Robin's backyard is magical to me because it brings back so many childhood memories, but that's another story.) I just love seeing all the kids out there in the natural outdoor setting, exploring and enjoying themselves. It sure beat any jumpy house moment I could have caught and it really reminds me how grateful I feel to have such great neighbors.

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