Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Just Because"

Aidan's latest saying is "Just Because"..and he seems to think it's the perfect response to everything. This may or may not be so cute.

Daddy: "Aidan why did grandma by you Neville (a new addition to his Thomas Train set)?"
Aidan: " Oh just because, I don't have Neville"
(hmmm maybe not so cute, sounds a bit entitled if you ask me)

Me: " Aidan why did you push Liam?"
Aidan: "Just because, he was in my way"
(definitely not so cute)

Grandma " Aidan why is that dinosaur called T-Rex?"
Aidan: "Just because...hmmm...his name starts with a T and ends with rex"
(awe, that was cute, brought a smile to all our faces)

Yesterday we went to a friends house who was having an "Iron Chef Cook Off" the challenge ingredient was pineapple". And "just because", I decided to forgo the itchy mouth and rashy neck (yes I have a food allergy to pineapple) I decided to bake a dessert without pineapple. I know it would have been fun to participate but I just couldn't bring myself to dealing with a pineapple. So I baked a spiced carrot cake and we also brought over one of my favorite bottles of cab adorned with a hostess gift, a handmade(not by me ofcourse) rainbow wood bottle stopper, everyone needs one of those, right? And because it was also Valentine's day, I hand stamped a little tag with my newest "V" Day stamp, this darling little gumball machine that has one heart shaped gumball in it. I had big plans for that stamp, unfortunately, this was the only use I got out of it because I just couldn't pull it together to do all those great craft projects I so wanted to do. Oh, and "just because" that bottle of cab is one of my faves (add sheepish smirk here) I think I may have consummed half of it myself...hence, the wallop of a headache I woke up with this morning.

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  1. We love the wine stopper! It's so beautiful and and so thoughtful of you. where did you get the gumball stamp? it's adorable. How about next pot luck you come up with main ingredient...



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