Sunday, February 1, 2009

Beautiful Day = Fun Outing

Initially we thought today would be a perfect day to go do a little shopping. Being Super Bowl Sunday we figured everyone would be busy celebrating the big day. Not that the shops are hustling with people these days, given the current economic climate, but it's just so much easier to get around with kids when you don't have to maneuver through crowds (yeah I know I'm stating the obvious). Well, we decided to ditch that idea and go do something fun with the kids, on such a gorgeous crisp day. So, we took the boys to the Steam Engines in Tilden Park, they were all pretty surprised. We then picked up lunch and a had a pseudo picnic in the sunshine at Dreamland followed with some play time.

I have to say I was really looking forward to doing some shopping but I'm really glad we opted for the outdoor fun. It's such a a great feeling as a parent to see my kids really enjoying themselves and hearing them squeal and laugh as they play. I really had to stop and ask myself "Why would I drag them through a busy shop to buy things we could all really do without?" Clearly the fun and laughter of outdoor activity outweighs the brief moment of pleasure of a new purchase, which is usually followed by buyers remorse. And lets not forget a healthier life style. I want to teach my children that life's pleasures are about enjoying the outdoors, physical activity, and nature, not consumerism and the need to have more, more, more.

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