Thursday, September 20, 2012


Escrow closed today, and I handed the keys over this morning, a bittersweet moment to say the least. Max and I decided the kids would be late to school this morning so we could take a moment to go to the old house take some photos and say a final goodbye. The boys all said in their own way, that they would be missing the old house. But, they are all so ├╝ber excited about the new house and new neighbors and new freedom with living here they haven't given our sweet old home much thought. And, although I am happy they aren't mourning some loss ( as I am, weirdly??) part of me is a bit sad as if I'm losing a part of us with those fading memories. I imagined I'd be kicking my heels up ...yippee! hooray! So not the case, a deep sigh of relief yes, hootin and hollering, not so much. Well, time to make new memories.

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