Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lock Down Drill

This week was drill practice at Aidan's school. They did fire drills, earthquake drills, and lock down drills. What, you aren't familiar with lock down drills? Yeah, neither was I until Aidan told us all about them during dinner.

A lock down drill in Aidan's words "you have to close the door and stay away from the windows so that the criminal or robber doesn't see you. You can hide under your desk."

There was no discussion about the criminal possibly being a shooter. I was relieved about this, because frankly, I really wasn't prepared to explain to my boys that during a lock down there would possibly be someone with a gun who may shoot someone.

What I do know, is hearing my kids have to practice lock down drills in elementary school makes me truly sad. What has our society become that my kids innocence has to be tainted in such a manner.


  1. Lincoln's school (actually all the Albany schools) had a lock down last year. A troubled kid that used to go to school in the area had run away from home w/ his dad's gun and someone mistakenly reported seeing him on Solano. The kids weren't told what was going on, for which I was very grateful. All the parents got an automated message sent to them, but high school kids, who were the only ones made to get under their desks, were texting their parents before anyone knew what was going on. All the teachers said at Lincoln's school was that it was indoor recess that day. I was really grateful that they weren't told. Lincoln didn't know what had happened until the next day after some other kids heard stuff from their parents. I avoided saying that shootings happened, just focused on how they weren't in any danger, etc.

    When Connor was in high school there was a lock down after someone who stole a car crashed into the building and ran inside to try to escape the police. Connor said a friend of his was in the bathroom by himself when he heard the lock down call come over the PA. That boy hid in a stall and could hear the police chasing the robber down the hall. It made me cry to think of how scared that kid must've been.

    You're right, it is so sad that this has become a part of our kids' lives.

  2. OMG Ebba that's awful. I guess the sad truth is, that as much as I wish that it wasn't, it really is our reality.



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