Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fire Disturbs Our Easter and Spring Break

It was the day before Easter, Max had taken the boys to the Marine Headlands and I was home prepping for our Easter trip to visit family. I had just finished boiling a dozen eggs for the kids to dye when they got home, was getting ready to bake a cake, and was catching up on some laundry. The windows were open, I smelled smoke which I thought was coming from outside. I looked around our house, ran down to our basement, came back in checked the dryer lint trap but no signs of fire. I called my neighbor to tell her I thought she might have a fire when just at that moment, I saw the flames poke themselves out from under our dryer. I hung up, dialed 911. Just as I was pulling the pin off our fire extinguisher Max walked in the door, grabbed it out of my hand and proceeded to spray the dryer, my neighbor was outside with the boys. There was the loud popping of electricity and the crashing of the motor as it dropped behind the dryer and in less than 2 minutes our entire home was engulfed by a black gray smoke..and that was the end of any Spring Break plans we might have had. Fortunately, the damage was minimal but we had to improvise Easter and spring break plans. Dropping off the boys with friends (love those friends) so we could begin the long tedious process of cleaning up. 6 weeks later, I still don't have a new dryer, I like to say we've taken the eco-friendly approach and I'm in the process of perfecting the line-dry technique as long as the weather allows. Why we don't have a dryer, is complicated, it's about timing and needs so we're waiting. Why I haven't blogged in so long, well I think that answer is obvious. Hopefully, soon I'll have more answers.

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