Friday, January 20, 2012

Who Says The Dentist Has To Be A Scary Place?

My boys sure don't think the dentist office is a scary place. As a matter of fact, Aidan's comment to his brothers dentist visit was "Awe man, they're lucky. They got to go to the dentist and play with a GameBoy." But it's not just about the video games, they get a kick out of wearing "cool" sunglasses during the exam, they giggle with delight about the child height sinks with the fun timers that make sure they brush long enough, and of course, the giant treasure box and rolls of stickers they get to choose from when all is said and done. I've taken the boys to this pediatric dentist from the very beginning so they absolutely enjoy going. When I hear stories about parents struggling to get their kids to cooperate with dentist visits, I'm so grateful to have found the perfect dentist for us.


  1. Congratulations on getting a pediatric dentist who makes an effort to help you and your children feel comfortable. Just look at them enjoying themselves on the dentist chair with their shades, acting all cool and stuff!

    Kristen Marlin

  2. Glad to hear that you're not having trouble taking your kids to the dentist. That's the advantage of taking them to the dentist at their young age. The photos show that they really had a fun time. Finding the right dental office for your family where all of you will feel comfortable is quite a job, so congratulations! Keep your kids' teeth healthy!

    Landen Worley

  3. Your lucky to have kids who are as brave as them and a dentist who knows exactly what to do to make the kids go easy on him. Your children seem to like the dentist, and that's a good thing! At least you don't have to worry whenever you need to take them to the dental clinic.

    Jody Howell @Houston Smile Docs



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