Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gone With the Tonsils & Adenoids

Well after a long wait, Miles finally had his tonsils and adenoids removed. It was a quick procedure and when the surgeon came out to let me know that all had gone fine he also commented on how large those tonsils and adenoids were and said "he'll finally get some good sleep now" That's what we're hoping for, good sleep, less colds, and no more ear infections. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Recovery was a bit challenging. We were home by the afternoon then began the Popsicles on demand for 7 long days and sleepless nights. If he hadn't had a cold on top of it all this probably would have been much briefer period with much less misery. But, the poor guy had a terrible cough that made me cringe every time I saw him convulse in pain. On the morning of the 7th day post surgery, he had a huge melt down, holding his throat and ears, crying "it hurts, it hurts" Feeling helpless and wanting to soothe him, I quickly gave him another dose of pain meds. He soon after fell asleep for 3 hours, the most he'd gotten in awhile, and just when I thought I couldn't take another day of this, he seemed to turn the corner. He woke up, much more present, and relaxed than he'd been in days and said "I feel better mommy". My eyes welled up with tears of relief and I let him know how happy I was for him. Needless to say the Tylenol with Codeine that I didn't think we'd be using much became our best friend during those trying days.

During Miles drug induced haze, I entertained him with lots of art projects, paper airplane constructing, puzzles and board games. Oh, and lots of cuddle time too!

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