Friday, August 17, 2012

All House and Very Little Play

This summer has been all about houses, buying and selling and everything that goes in between. After 5 1/2 months our short sale purchase finally came through meaning we had to whip it into full speed to get our current home ready to sell. After several weeks of constant work, painting, cleaning, organizing, and landscaping, the house went on the market. In 8 days we had 2 open houses and 3 brokers tours, and ended with 3 amazing offers. We couldn't be more happy.
After all that hard work we finally decided we deserved a little rest and relaxation. We took a last minute trip to Calistoga. Thanks to my friend Rachel, I knew exactly where to go, Calistoga Hot Springs. It was a short trip, 2 days one night but oh so worth it. It was what we all needed. Lots of water play, yummy food, and a Sugar Train (candy store in a vintage train car) brought fun end to our summer.

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