Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Wire It Up" It's Summer Camp Time

Yesterday was the first day of summer camp for the boys. They were going to a near by red woods state park to wire it up with "electronic week" at science camp. They were all super excited to go. Just think, Miles and Liam were going to finally have some "big boy" times, doing things Aidan was doing, and no more preschool.On the drive there, Aidan being the big brother that he is (slightly bossy) was giving them the low down about the rules. Seeing how this was going to be big kid activity, it was all taken so very seriously. It brought a smile to my face just listening to them. The good thing was, Miles and Liam had some friends there too, this would certainly help with the transition. Picked them up that afternoon, and they were all smiles, It was a good day!

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