Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aidan's Angry Birds Bash

For Aidan's 7th birthday party I was originally thinking, pirate party with a treasure hunt at the park, but Aidan made it clear that wasn't what he wanted. He of course wanted his latest obsession, an Angry Birds party. So we had an Angry Birds Bash that included a real hands on angry birds game.
It took me several weeks but managed to pull it together, with lots of paper mache, cardboard, paint, and glue. We had 3 paper mache green pigs that were filled with candy, pinata style, a golden egg, a working structure, and small angry birds(paper mache balls) to knock it down. The kids had a blast, and we kept changing the structure to represent different levels. The kids played until the green piggies broke and in came the mob for the candy( lesson learned, not enough candy leaves an unhappy mob).
Cake time was two angry birds, one vanilla one chocolate and some green piggy cupcakes. I uses this great Wilton sports ball cake pan and lots of fondant to make these red birds.
Party favors were some fruit rope tied up with an angry bird. Although, I was worried initially when Aidan asked for an Angry Birds party, I have to say, I think this was by far the best birthday party we've thrown so far. I bet Aidan would say the same. The gorgeous day and great location helped too! It was our first time reserving a picnic site at this park and I'm positive it wont be our last.


  1. My soon to be 9 year old would love an Angry Bird birthday party. Could you please describe again how and what you used for the party favor? I think I'm going to make homemade "angry bird" cupcakes....make an angry bird craft...but would love to know what to do for party favors. Thanks so much! Nikki

  2. Hi Nikki realize I just sent you the same photo that's here in my blog entry. I used cardstock. With a large circle punch I punched the red circle, then used the same punch to for a portion of a tan colored punch for the bottom half of the body, A smaller circle punch was used for the eyes, and a micro punch for the black dots of the eyes. I just roughly cut out triangles of yellow cardstock for the beaks and and roughly cut out black cardstock eyebrows. I have a small jewelry tag punch that I used for the thankyou note I put in the beak. I used glue dots to adhere all this together. finally I attached a red feather to the back of it and using a large glue dot attached it to the raffia tied cliff fruit ropes. Hope this is helpful. Have fun! Kika

  3. I loved your real working angry bird game! I have seen a couple others around the web but loved the clear tubes you had in yours. What did yo use for those??? and I also loved that the green piggy's in the game were the pinata's... cute idea! I was planning on making some sort of pig pinata anyway perhaps this is what I will do instead. Thanks for any help you can give about the game construction.

  4. I also love your Son's angry bird - pig king - shirt. I'm trying to figure out what it says completely... ;) "And This Little Piggy Went..." I can't figure out the last part and it's driving me crazy! :)



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