Thursday, June 2, 2011

Coffee Addict

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm addicted to coffee. It's one of my all time favorite things. I just have to have my coffee before my day can start, mid-day to keep the day going, and in the pm's if we're having company over and having a special dessert. It especially helped me get through the sleep deprivation of early motherhood.

Even though I've had to switch to decaf for health reasons, it's not stopped my need for coffee. I'm addicted to the whole ritual of having a cup a coffee, as much as, if not more as I was to the caffeine. Because, although I've been able to cut the caffeine (that wasn't easy!) I haven't been able to give up the ritual and let's face it I love the taste of a good cup of coffee too! I'm all about the bold flavor of a nice french roast.

I love my Peet's. Give me a choice of coffee shops and I usually always hold my loyalty to Peet's. That is unless, Blue Bottle Coffee is part of the equation. Of course it's impossible to pass up a fine brew of Blue Bottle organic coffee...a coffee connoisseur's ecstasy. However, when Peet's served me this mocha with a sweet little flower on top it made me feel special! It's those little touches that make the whole ritual of having coffee that much more memorable and keeps me coming for more. I sure love my coffee!

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