Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fun Family Night With Grease and Froggy Boogie

It was a fun evening here. The boys had specifically requested cheeseburgers for dinner. So, Dad picked up burgers from Sparky's, something we hadn't had in awhile. If you're into burger joints, Sparky's is just the place. Although, Aidan made sure to remind us that this was a special greasy treat that we shouldn't always have. This made me happy to know that he is aware of what's a healthy meal versus a not so healthy meal. Despite the fact he refuses to eat all vegetables, at least he gets the concept of what he's suppose to be eating and hopefully sometime down the road he'll jump right into those veggies.

After our yummy and yes greasy meal of burgers, fries and onion rings, we jumped right into a new game, Froggy Boogie. This was a fun game of memory that we all enjoyed. We play lots of games and have lots of fun, but it's especially fun when the whole family plays...and this was a game the whole family enjoyed.

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